The Justice League

The air in the Hall of Justice rippled horizontally, like water down a sheet of glass, and two figures stepped through as if from Nowhere.
  "--was a difficult one," Danu was finishing as she appeared, "I don't want to make a habit of coming here."
  "That's okay," said Dane, looking around at their grand surroundings through the red tint of his goggles. "If we get the thing, that shouldn't be a problem."
  "Alright, your world, your rules," Danu shrugged. "Now are you going to tell me how we steal this?"
  "Oh, we're not," said Dane with a faint smirk. "Don't even try. No, I'm pretty sure they already know we're here - my plan is to --"
  A bow string released with a snap. Dane whipped out a hand and a blast of force surged out to deflect the arrow before it reached Danu - it hit a wall and exploded into a tangle of nets.
  As Danu stepped back through her portal, Dane turned around to see a green-clad bowman, a second arrow already notched and leveled at the intruder.
  "Woah, woah, time out," Dane yelped, holding his hands out towards the emerald archer, before thinking better off the gesture and instead raising them in surrender. "I'm not here to fight - we didn't have a good way of getting in touch with you so --"
  "So you decided to break in?" said the man with open hostility.
  "Hnnnng," said Dane.
  "Stand down, Arrow, I know this man," came a new voice - confident, resonant, immediately inspiring. Before he looked, Dane already knew he'd see the familiar form of Superman floating down into the room. Green Arrow grunted and reluctantly relaxed his bow.
  "Repulse," Superman said with a frown. It wasn't quite a greeting as much as an acknowledgement and a question.
  "You remember," Dane glowed.
  "I try to keep tabs on all the young heroes of Metropolis," replied the alien. "May I ask what you're doing here?"
  "Right, right. Well it's a long story - and I will fill you all in - but starting at the end, I kinda need a favour. I need to borrow a Mother Box..."


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