Both Caramel And Nuts

"Snickers" (still often referred to in my house as "Marathon", no matter how long ago they rebranded) are currently running a competitive promotion. They're producing two variants, named "More Nuts" and "More Caramel"; you can probably take an educated guess at the difference between them. It's probably more apparent from the labels than it is from the contents, both of which taste like ... Well, like a Snickers bar.

The "More Caramel" variant is packaged in an easily-identified tan wrapper. "More Nuts", on the other hand, is either the standard Snickers brown or so close as to be indistinguishable. Certainly shop staff appear unable to tell the difference as several times now I've seen them mixed in with the standard bars.

At first I had assumed both variants differed from the standard bar. However I'm no longer certain this is the case. It's possible the wrapper colouring is intended to indicate that "More Nuts" is in fact the standard Snickers bar, temporarily relabelled to reflect that it is not "More Caramel". Either way, the fact that it's not immediately apparent - clearly either I or the shelf stackers have misunderstood - suggests something has gone wrong somewhere.


  1. Have you considered comparing the ingredients list? That would surely reveal whether there is in fact any difference between the two products....

    1. Since posting I've had another glance at the More Nuts wrapping and spotted a note (actually visible in the attached photo) to the effect that it is "Snickers with 10% more nuts". One could still argue that this is "10% more nuts than the More Caramel" variant but I think we can infer it means "than normal Snickers".


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