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No Such Thing as a Free Launch

I signed up for Google Play Music All Access (a name that fair trips off the tongue) just to see. Now their entire catalogue comes up when I search in the player, and if I see something I like that I don't already own I can press the "Add to my library" button to, well, add it to my library. I'm wondering what happens to this music after my subscription expires. They appear in my library exactly like any album that I've previously bought through the service. I'm assuming they differentiate on an internal level, and anything I've just "nabbed" will immediately vanish when I opt out? Probably that's one of the ways they hope to "encourage" people to stay subscribed. It's notionally very different. Spotify makes it clear they haven't actually "given" you anything, you just have access to it. Google pretend to "give" you the music, so when they take it away you will feel like you've lost something...