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Do You Know Where Your App is?

The Huffington Post is reminding us that Facebook Messenger asks for a lot of permissions when you install it . On the one hand, the article is kind of alarmist. It needs permission to do all those things because it is designed to be able to do all those things - you can use your Messenger app to manage your SMSs and make phone calls and so on and so forth. It wants to be your social hub or whatever. But, at the same time, it's absolutely right that once you've given it permission to do these things IT CAN DO THEM AT ANY TIME. It's sort of the same principle as the legal T&C thing that went around a couple of years ago - people were startled to find that Google, Flickr etc were being granted the right to distribute your images, despite that being exactly what the relevant services were designed to do. But, yes, once they have permission to do that, they can totally do that, and it's a permission that could be abused. Unfortunately (unlike apps running on Faceboo