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Weird Things I Say #4

"I stand by my statement." There's a moment early in the 1966 Batman movie where Batman's giving a press conference (yes). He deflects someone's question and somebody calls him on it, and he responds with this cleverer-than-thou rejoinder. After consulting the Internet I find the full exchange is thus: REPORTER: “A trans-Atlantic yacht approaching the city simply disappeared.” BATMAN: “Nonsense. How could a yacht simply disappear?” REPORTER: “You mean it isn’t true?” BATMAN: “I stand on my answer.” As so often with these Things I Say I find I have misremembered, but the spirit of the phrase remains: If you look at what I said,  rather than what you heard,  you will see that I knew exactly what I was saying. In this case Batman is not denying the disappearance of the yacht, but rather asserting that it could not have been a simple matter. My favourite thing about the scene, though, is a disguised Catwoman asking him to remove his mask for photos, as tho