Weird Things I Say #5

"Yeah, boys!"
This is not so much weird as momentarily odd, and as a pop culture reference it falls short of being recognizable or even particularly unique by a long way. It is a weird thing I say, however, and it has its origins in a particular passage from Dave Stone's Sky Pirates!, a passage summarising the events of the previous book in the series, introducing the two new companions for readers who may be less than completists:
  And when the time-travelling alien, the Doctor, had offered to take them along with him in his ship - for want of a better word - Cwej's instant and automatic reaction had been: 'What, travel the whole vast panoply of space and time, righting what once went wrong and confronting hideous beings of slithering, inutterable and unmitigated evil on their home turf? Yeah, boys!' While Detective Adjudicator Roslyn Forrester stood somewhere in the background with a hand over her eyes.
It may itself be a pop culture reference, possibly to the intro to Public Enemy's Bring The Noise, but I have little to base that on bar my own internal associations and observations of Mr Stone's writing style. Nonetheless it has become, for me, an expression of immediate and unconditional approval.


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