Hope Burns Bright

I've just read through Avengers vs X-Men (yes, once again, it was on sale on comiXology - I swear, they don't have me on retainer). It's a fun romp - and the omnibus I picked up included the individual "VS" issues which expanded on some of the two-panel fights we saw in the main story, which I enjoyed immensely despite initial disinterest. The "Fun Facts" are what really sell it. But the main thing that was nagging at me all the way through was:

Does Hope Summers even have an official character model?

Seriously. Her uniform is all over the place. Sometimes it's two chevrons, sometimes the lower one is a belt, sometimes it's mid-torso, sometimes that top one is more of a solid triangle. I guess her design includes the rag hood and nobody thought about what was under it?

I dug around and found that this seems to be a fairly constant issue for the girl. Here are some samples, some from AvX, all (I believe) from official sources.

It's possible she just owns a lot of similar outfits.

Solid triangle, chevron belt

Larger triangle, less space between.

Two teeny tiny chevrons. Emma Frost would wear this as a bikini.

The top chevron here is more of a "V", narrowing towards the point.

The "Harley Quinn" - equal spacing all around.

The cover to AvX #0, which actually contradicts the art inside. A good, chunky belt chevron and a solid triangle (distorted here by the pose). The top point of this belt is about where the lower point of some of her upper shapes reach down to.

The "V" again, with a definite belt chevron. She has a more mature stature here, too, but comic artists are notoriously inconsistent about such things.


Fairly modest triangle - which in fairness could be a V, we can't see under the hood, which is largely the problem. Slender, steep chevron belt, with hip diamonds that go alllll the way down

Sometimes she has those little snips cut out of the triangle that makes enough of a "feathered" effect for Phoenix

That first chevron is right up under her neck and woah wait what is the other one doing all the way up there


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