Movie Poster Overanalysis, #1 in a series

At one time in my life I was reasonably plugged in on the subject of upcoming movies, but that kind of fell by the wayside for one reason or another. For a while now my main source of movie news has been the adverts on the side of buses.

So here is what I know about The Hundred Foot Journey:

The bus advert did not have either tagline.
  • Helen Mirren is in it
  • She has staff, but they are both chefs, so maybe there is a restaurant involved
  • The staff maybe make out?
  • Typeface and static layout suggest romantic comedy
  • Helen Mirren is more important than this
  • I guess somebody travels a hundred feet over the course of the movie, probably right near the end because something is preventing them from walking from one place to the other, maybe pride? And the thing they find there is ... Love?
  • None of that is important, we have HELEN MIRREN in our movie, shut up

Apparently the full poster has more people on it, and some landmarks that suggest a journey between Paris and India, but that is more than a hundred feet? Clearly none of that is important, though, because HELEN MIRREN.


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