Let's ****

So Tesco are doing this thing where they are advertising their tablet based on what you can do with it.

This makes sense for pretty much any other product, but not so much with an Android tablet. All the things they are advertising are available to pretty much anyone running Android (except Kindle Fire owners)! Video conferencing, watching movies? Talking sodding Tom? They should be advertising things that are unique to the Hudl. Like, maybe, explaining how it's as fast and powerful as a more expensive one? Or that you can use Clubcard Boost to halve the price?

But no, the man in the street doesn't get the distinction between software and hardware, so we can just show some pretty moving pictures and assure you that this [PRODUCT] is making people's lives better.

Honestly, it's like advertising cars by just showing them driving around, without explaining why this one car is better than any other car that you might ...


... huh.


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